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Evening primrose oil

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Evening primrose oil comes from the tiny seeds of the plant, they are a source of gamma-linolenic acid and are part of the omega-6 family. This oil is marketed on a standard between 8% and 10% gamma-linolenic acid and is most often in the form of capsules.

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Evening primrose oil and Vitamin E

Common name(s) : Evening primrose, tree primrose.
Botanical name : Oenothera biennis, family Onagraceae.

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    • Traditionally employed by the women, the Evening primrose oil is a linoleic source in acids (72%) and Gamma Linoleic (10%), which form part of the family of the fatty acids omega-6.
      These essential fatty acids, are very useful to decrease, reduce the unpleasant symptoms related to their menstrual cycle. They make it possible to act, fill the prostaglandin deficiency and attenuates the unpleasant symptoms (migraines, cephalgias, pains with the belly, tension, irritability) which begin with the arrival from the rules. Moreover Evening primrose oil by these unsaturated fatty acids, take part to balance or Re-balance the cholesterol level. It is indicated for the balance of the nervous system, and immunizing defens.

Vitamin E 10mg

The vitamin E has an important antioxydant role, it contributes to the neutralization of the free radicals in the body, protects the cells from the body and avoids or restricts the atherosclerose to prevent cardiovascular problems. Moreover the vitamin E, also allows to attenuate the manifestations of the premenstrual syndrome, the painful menstruations, and eczema.

Presentation : box of 120 capsules of 700 mg.

Using advice : 4 to 6 capsules of evening primrose oil, dosed at 700 mg, in the morning, noon and evening, with a glass of water during meals and during the second half of your cycle period.

Used for : premenstrual syndrome, to balance or Re-balance the cholesterol level, cardiovascular balance, immunizing defenses, flexibility of the articulations, the balance of the nervous system, of external use eczema, psoriasis.

Craftiness : For the people who uses external Evening primrose oil of use (people move or wanting to transport small quantities), you can perforate the film with a pin, and apply the Evening primrose oil on the wished part.

To balance or Re-balance the cholesterol level to be taken in partnership with Omega 3.