Fermented papaya

Fermented papaya

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Common name : papaya, melons tree.
Botanical name : Carica papaya, Family Caricaceae.

The fermented papaya drew the attention of numerous renowned researchers all over the world of which co-discoverer of the virus of the AIDS, who spoke With praise of Fermented papaya.

Our fermented papaya is realized from papaya totally natural, without any additive nor conservative, consisted in 100 % by the fermented papaya. We use a powder of papaya fermented naturally, during 90 days.

The fruit of the papaya is rich in vitamins, notably those of the group A, C, in different amino acids as well as carotenoids, (luteines, lycopene, beta carotene…).

The Fermented Papaw is the defender, it helps to fight against the syndrome of the oxidizing stress (exposure prolonged to the sun, tobacco, alcohol, pollution, intellectual stress...), and has an antioxydant activity (more than 20 times higher than the vitamin E) and remarkable capacity immunostimulante (it reinforces natural defenses).

As a precautionary measure the fermented papaya is also used by a lot of people very well carrying to prevent effects of the oxidizing stress due to the environment, with the way of life, with diseases, and also like anti-ageing. The fermented papaw is then to recommend in auxiliary treatments with your common medicines.

Presentation :
120 capsules of 355 mg.

Nutritional Information

Composition for 6 capsules :

- Papaye fermentée 1680 mg

Ingredients :
Fermented papaya, glazing agent: gelatin 75 mg.

Using advice : 4 to 6 capsules a day, during the meals.
For taking 6 capsules per day: 20 day pill

Advised for : oxidizing stress, anti-oxidizing , Stimulated the immunizing system, anti-ageing.

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Ich denke das dass so ziemlich die einzigen kapseln sind die noch auf natürlicher Basis entstehen und definitiv sind sie wirksam.