fucus and menopause benefits
  • fucus and menopause benefits
  • fucus diet and weight loss

Fucus vesiculosus

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Wrack (Sea oak) is a good supplement for diets, it facilitates weight loss and avoids the deficiencies often associated by providing nutritional needs.

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Fucus vesiculosus / Varech

Common Names : Bladderwrack, Bladderwrack Algae.
Botanical name : Fucus vesiculosus, Family Fucaceae.

  • In Japan the fucus is an alga usually consumed in the food, or one consumes readily algae. The fucus is an alga of tradition, so used like natural manure fertilizing by the peasants.

  • The fucus is a brown alga whose thallus* is particularly rich in mineral salts, trace elements (copper, chromium, zinc, selenium, manganese, iron, iodine), vitamins (C, B1, B2, B6, B12) and fibers.
    *(inferiors Part: without sheets, roots, stems)

  • Bringing a general stimulation of the body, the fucus is thus an interesting anti-tiredness ally.

  • The fucus is also very used in slimming diets thanks to the dehydrated thallus who, once ingested rehydrate in the stomach and increase their volume, by cutting the sensation of hunger. Moreover, the fucus grace to these components, avoid the deficiencies, usually owed in slimming diets, help it to meet the nutritive needs.

  • In regular consumption the natural fibers of the fucus, in great number, facilitates the intestinal transit, and could reduce the absorption of iron and other minerals. The fucus can be also utility like soft Laxative to treat a momentary constipation.

  • WARNING : Not advised for thyroid disorders.

  • Presentation : Box of 120capsules of 325 mg.

  • Using advice : 4 to 6 capsules a day a quarter of hour before meals with a glass of water.

  • Used for : Thyroid, general stimulant, soft Laxative, cut-hunger, obesity, ponderal overload, cellulitis, constipation.