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Ginkgo biloba

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Ginkgo biloba Dry leaf extract in capsules stimulates concentration Titrated at 24% in flavonol glycosides + 6% in lactones Terpene terpenoids 120 CAPSULES BOTTLE FOR 4 MONTHS 120 DAYS in powder

Contributes to a good nervous balance / Promotes a good mental balance

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Ginkgo biloba - 120 capsules

Titrated to 24% min. in flavonol glycosides and 6% min. terpene lactones in is the minimum required to senility, memory, disorders of attention.

Improved circulation of blood, brain function, improved memory, a powerful anti-oxidants, sexual dysfunction (male and female).

Common name :Ginkgo, Maidenhair Tree.
Botanical name : Ginkgo biloba, Family Ginkgoaceae.
Other names : Chinese names : Bai Guo Ye, Ginkyo, Yin-Kuo, Yinhsing.

Part used : sheets.

The ginkgo biloba properties and capabilities are vasodilator that can treat memory problems, senility, skin problems, as well as hemorrhoids, varicose veins, heavy legs.
Ginkgo biloba helps people with Raynaud's Syndrome to better support the cold..
It is rich in flavonoïdes (Biflavones : ginkgolides and bilobalide), a powerful antioxydant ( as the bilberry ), acting on the cognitive capacity, circulation, the cure of the cardiovascular diseases.

Improvement of blood circulation and cerebral functionality :

The extract of sheets of ginkgo improves blood circulation thanks to a regulating effect on dilation and the contraction (vasodilatator), venous circulation of the blood vessels, it is a whole of active substances (quercetin, bilobalides, ginkgolides) which reduces the viscosity of blood and protects the nervous cells thanks to their antioxydant effects, and thus the disorders of cerebral.

Also it will be of great help as a result of capacity ca vaso dilative for varicose veins, hemorrhoids and heavy legs.

Ginkgo Biloba improves the cerebral insufficiency circulatory, by increasing the flow of blood to the brain what reduces the disorders of the memory, attention, concentration, confusions, depression, anxiety, dizzy spells, the acouphenes (buzzes of ear), prevents evil of the mountains and headaches by increasing cognitive faculties in the short run.

DIn numerous therapies the ginkgo biloba is used in the early stage of the disease of Alzheime, to reduce and slow down the progression of the senile insanity..

Powerful antioxydant

Powerful antioxydant, the ginkgo biloba protects the brain by controlling the noxious action from the free radicals due to ageing. It supports the capture of the free radicals at the cerebral and retinal level. Thus they slow down the ageing of the retina and contribute to decrease the disorders related to the senescence.

Male and female sexual Dysfonction.
At the men suffering from a erectile dysfonction caused by a disorder or a bad blood circulation, Ginkgo biloba improves, restores the sexual function and performances.

At the woman and the man it treats the sexual dysfonction caused by the antidepressants (drops desire, difficulties of erection, difficulties of arriving at the orgasm). The extract of ginkgo biloba can correct this problem.

Ginkgo biloba stimulates the sexual functions, the sexual desire, it is largely known for its aphrodisiacs properties.

Presentation : box of 120 capsules of 42 mg.

Nutritional information

Composition pour 1 gélules :

· Extract Ginkgo leaf dry 60 mg (titrated to 24% in flavonol glycoside: 14.4 mg), (6% terpene lactones in 3.6 mg)

Composition : ginkgo biloba extract 60 mg, capsule 75 mg, maltodextrin, magnesium stearate.

Using advice : Take 1 capsule daily before meals with a glass of water.
The ginkgo can be taken in cure from 3 to 6 months renewable, according to the disorders to be treated and of their importance.
Ginkgo biloba should be consumed in a very regular way for good results.

Used for : blood the circulation, the cerebral functionality, the improvement of the memory, to preserve radicals libres (antioxydants) naturally, improves the cerebral reactivity, to reduce the symptoms and to slow down the progression of the senile insanity and the disease of Alzheimer (early stage), to reduce the disorders of cerebral circulation, to improve the cognitive functions after 50 years, to prevent the evil of the mountains, to treat the giddinesses, to treat acouphenes, to treat the headaches of origin vascular, sexual dysfonction, to stimulate the sexual functions, dysfonction érectile, performances sexual, these properties aphrodisiacs.

Precaution : The ginkgo fluidifies blood, not to take some in the event of hemophilia. The pregnant women before their childbirth and the people who are on the point of undergoing a surgical operation should avoid taking some.
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