Red Ginseng candies with all the benefits
  • Red Ginseng candies with all the benefits
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Ginseng sweets

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Ginseng sweets

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Ginseng sweets

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Marvellous plant coming from Asia, ginseng is cultivated in China for thousands of years.
Ginseng is known to bring eternal youth when consumed.

JINCHEN means in Chinese language, "like man", because it often has his shape.
The traditional use of ginseng in Antiquity was only reserved to royal families or diplomatic circles.

Due to this incredible reputation, ginseng was called PANAX coming from PANAKEIA, the goddess known to cure all the illnesses.
The ginseng variety we use is PANAX CA MEYER.

The chemical study shows that the therapeutic qualities of ginseng come from its saponosides, also called ginsenosides.
Their content increase with the age of the plant, ginseng crop is ideally done after 5 or 6 years.

These ginsenosides have a tonic action on the body : they increase physical and intellectual performances.
Memorisation and reflex are better.
Body can easily be adapted to the efforts because tiredness and muscular pains are reduced.

Ginseng improves sexual vigour.

Ginsenosides, amino-acids, vitamins and oligo-elements give to ginseng adaptogen effects.

Thanks to its anti-stress effects, ginseng allows a better resistance to important changes of temperature or activity.

Ingredients :
- Brown sugar
- Glucose
- ginseng Panax C.A. Meyer extract at 0,4%

Presentation : bag of 150 gr.

Using advice: Advise not to consume more than 20 mg of ginsenosides a day.
A sweet = 2,6 mg of ginsenosides.

Used for : erectile dysfunction , to stimulate the immunizing system, physical performance, intellectual concentration, sexual dysfunction, immunizing stimulant, general tonic, stress...