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Konjac glucomannan 500mg

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Konjac Titrated with 95% glucomannan pill Excellent natural appetite suppressant for weight loss and promotes intestinal transit 180 capsules of 500mg Glucokonj 100% natural pure powder

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Konjac glucomannan : Glucokonj, thinness at your fingertips. 180 capsules 500mg.

Glucomannan consumed as part of a slimming hypocaloric diet contributes to weight loss.

It is not so easy to lose weight, especially when one is racked by small snacks of the day or at meal times or terrible all you envy and you do violence to not eat anything arises.

With the slimming supplement Glucokonj (Glucomannan konjac), you will have a positive help to appease your appetite at mealtimes, and calm all your small cravings sugary, salty day.

konjac glucomannan :

Common names : konjac, konjac flour or root, devil's tongue, the elephant-foot yam, snake plant, shirataki. Botanical Name : amorphophallus konjac (amorphophallus rivieri), Araceae family. English names :voodoo lily, snake plant, dragon plant, devil's tongue, snake palm, konnyaku, pinyin, konjaku, elephant yam. Japanese names : konnyaku.

Part used : the tuber.

For over two thousand years the konjac is used in traditional Asian medicine, mainly for its action to control appetite, but also for its many virtues on human health.

Konjac a slimming product.

Konjac glucomannan to help you lose weight..

  • In any low calorie diet, the hardest part is not to give in to hunger is the major phase for weight loss

  • The konjac tuber contains glucomannan, a dietary fiber having the mass of gelatinous appearance (a granular powder characterized by high viscosity) and this fiber being in contact with water will swell and develop its mass quickly in the stomach and absorb water (between 45 to 100 times its weight), leading directly to an immediate satiety, filling your stomach and thus curbing any caloric overflow.

Konjac regulating transit.

Promoting food intestinal transitl.

  • It is common when making a plan, regardless of the type of diet, intestinal transit to harm, this results in recurrent constipation phases.

  • Konjac glucomannan has a regulator under transit, it is a source of fiber and its property and laxatives these benefits, it helps the intestinal transit and gives your digestive system in action and treats constipation.

  • This plant removes toxins from the body, leading them by natural means.

Konjac cholesterol and diabetes

konjac and cholesterol a good anti cholesterol.

  • Konjac is legally deemed to regulate cholesterol and blood sugar (glucose) in the blood, an asset for a slimming research.

Nutrients and strengthens the immune system.

Furthermore, this grass strengthens the immune system, by the presence of prebiotic and as it contains many vitamins and trace elements you do not suffer the cuts forms often associated with diets.

Konjac is also a food plant food used to prepare many dishes in some countries of Asia, in the form of powder and potato or as patties and biscuits, the most common being as vermicelli or noodles (pasta).

Many studies done around the world by scientists proved its allegations on losing weight.

So you will have all the help given to slim thanks to slimming supplement Glucokonj konjac glucomannan.

History konjac

Konjac is a plant native to Asia that has a tuber (root) that is extracted glucomannan gum named.

Konjac is a herbaceous plant rather surprising form indeed, it has enormous tuber that escapes the stem giving it the appearance of a language is also why it is nicknamed language of the devil.

It was only in the 80s, the konjac became known in the West, first in Quebec then it was the turn of the United States and Europe.

  • Presentation : Box of 180 capsules 500mg

    Nutrition information

    Composition for 6 capsules :

    - Konjac glucomannan 95% 3000 mg

    Ingredients :
    Konjac gum (glucomannan), coating agent: hypromellose, anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate.

    Using advice : 1-2 capsules before each meal with one or two large glasses of water (it is imperative to support decision-capsule with a good water capacity for the journey to the stomach and to help its swelling).

    Please do not open the capsule before absorption, risk of choking due to the coating agent, it only release the konjac in the stomach.

    Bottle for one month

    Used to : controls appetite, satiety, appetite suppressants, weight loss, treats constipation, regulates cholesterol, regulates blood sugar, eliminates toxins, reoxygenates cells, purifies the blood, acid-base regulation.

    Against indication : Pregnancy and lactation.

Made in France