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guarana aphrodisiac hair
guarana aphrodisiac hair guarana powder for weight loss guarana powder guarana reviews guarana benefits

LOT of 3 BOTTLES : Guarana

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Guarana 443 mg pure powder 100% Contains caffeine (56mg) 120 capsules.

Guarana contributes

- Guarana contributes to weight loss in addition to dietary measures, it helps in the breakdown of lipids supports lipid metabolism.
- It helps in metabolism and l oxidation of fats and helps in weight control as part of a slimming program.
- Guarana contributes to alertness and helps reduce mental fatigue, it helps promote concentration, it helps reduce mental fatigue and brings you tone and energy.

Guarana helps

- Slimming action.
- Help to lose weight.

No artificial flavorings
Made in France

Buy LOT of 3 BOTTLES : Guarana

This pack contains


Guarana - 120 capsules (including 56mg of caffeine)

Vitality , energy, performance, faster recovery, appetite suppressant and slimming .


Guarana also activates the burning of fats , fatty substances while stimulating the release of catecholamines including adrenaline which allows the body to " burn " faster his fat.


Guarana (used in energy drinks) is known for its stimulating and energizing effect on mental and physical functions.

Common name: Guarana (Guaraná).
Other names: Paullinia sorbilis, Paullinia cupana, Sapindaceae family.

The Guarana improves responsiveness , vigilance and concentration . It is the caffeine content in guarana seeds (from 3% to 5%) greater than in those of coffee (from 1% to 2%), which in particular stimulates the central nervous system , to help reduce physiological disturbances ( stress, , nervousness , etc ...).

Guarana helps fight Short-term mental and physical fatigue and headache relief. Guarana is recommended for athletes during endurance activities, while contributing to an efficient supply of energy.

An appetite suppressant effect.

Caffeine (twice as present as in coffee) contained in guarana seeds, in particular, has an appetite suppressant effect which is ideal in a slimming diet to facilitate weight loss. Guarana significantly reduces the feeling of hunger and decreases the feeling of fatigue . As part of a healthy lifestyle.

An effective fat burner

An aid to the metabolism in the burning of fat.
Guarana stimulates thermogenesis and the combustion of fatty substances, promotes destocking and fat loss while avoiding frequent fatigue strokes during cropping food.

A sexual stimulant

Universally recognized for its aphrodisiac properties, Guarana stimulates without irritating, energizes sexual functions and increases tone.

Plant-based food supplement

Contains caffeine (56mg).

Presentation: Bottle of 120 capsules of 443 mg.

Nutritional information

Nutritional information for 4 capsules:
· 1400mg of Paullinia cupana seed powder (including 56mg of caffeine) .

Paullinia cupana seed powder, Tunic: Gelatin

Directions for use:
Take 4 capsules per day with a large glass of water:
2 for breakfast
2 for lunch

Used for:
Vitality, performance, athleticism, rapid recovery, improves responsiveness, alertness and concentration, appetite suppressant, slimming program, slimming, overweight, stimulating, stimulate sexual functions.

Made in France
Guarana: Brazilian origin

Precautions for use
- Do not exceed the recommended daily dose
- Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.
- Protect from heat and light humidity.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as people with problems of: insomnia, heart disease, disorders anxiety, high blood pressure, kidney problems, gastric or duodenal ulcers.


Data sheet

Weight control & management
Strengthens vitality
Helps you feel more energetic
Helps reduce mental fatigue