magnesium and weight loss benefits
  • magnesium and weight loss benefits
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Reduction of fatigue

Contribution to normal psychological functions

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Magnesium lactate - 120 capsules

The systematic refining of sugar, the flour, rice, the use of substances in frozen vegetables removes the natural magnesium contributions.

The magnesium ( Mg) is an essential mineral oligo-element, it intervenes at several levels in all the tissues and the organs, it contributes to the proper functioning of all the big functions of the body without limitation.

Other names : lactate, pidolate, carbonate, gluconate, chlorure, oxyde, hydroxyde, or magnesium citrate, Mg, Mag.

The magnesium, and these vertus numerous !

    • Magnesium goes to slow down the ascent of the cortisol, and you defend consequences of the stress.

    • Indispensable the magnesium is one naturel calming and acts in a beneficial way on stress, nervousness, irritability, anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, hyperactivity, fatigue, contracture, muscular cramps ...

    • The Magnesium is the main part in the fixation of the Calcium in the body

  • The magnesium Lactate is equivalent has 12 % of magnesium ion.

  • The lactate of magnesium has a 12 % report, thus 1 gram of magnesium lactate brings 120 milligrams of magnesium ion.

  • It is necessary to take 2 grams of magnesium lactate to obtain 240 milligrams of ion, this answers approximately in the middle of the necessary daily usual dose.

  • The minimal need in magnesium ion per day (24 H) and of 6 Mg per kilo of weight.

  • That is to say :

  • For an adult in good health of 70 kg 420 Mg of magnesium ion (70 Kg x 6mg = 420mg).

  • For a pregnant woman and persons who practise a sport of competition the need is doubled.

  • For the child the need of magnesium ion and triplet.

  • The calculation this fact in the following way : your weight (in kg) x 6 mg = your need for magnesium ion out of Mg per day.

  • Presentation : box of 120 capsules of 450 mg
    • 1 capsule represents 0.045 mg of magnesium ion.
    • 6 capsules represents 0.270 mg of magnesium ion (6 capsules x 0.045 mg).

  • Using advice : 4 to 6 capsules a day before meals, with a large glass of water.

  • Advised for : fatigue, anorexia, hyperactivity, irritability, insomnia, depression, spasmophilia, tetany, apathy, mental confusion, turbid of the memory, tachycardia, disturb cardiac, to improve the sporting performances.
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je pèse 58 kg donc 58 kg x 6, j'aimerai connaître la dose exacte journalière que je doit prendre. Merci
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en association avec le guarana, super! j'en recommande par 3 boites et je continue!