Nopal cutting hunger obesity effect satiety facilitates intestinal transit diabetes cut natural hung
nopal weight loss review
  • nopal weight loss review
  • nopal food supplement benefits
nopal weight loss review
nopal weight loss review nopal food supplement benefits


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Nopal satiety natural appetite suppressant facilitates intestinal transit 120 capsules in powder of 375 mg (prickly pear cactus) to control its weight.

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Nopal - 120 capsules

Reducing appetite, nopal reinforces the feeling of satiety, and facilitates intestinal transit.

Natural slimming, Nopal is recommended in case of overweight as part of a re-balancing of food .

Common name (s) : nopal, prickly pear.
Botanical name : Opuntia ficus indica, family cactaceae.
English name : prickly pear cactus, nopal, cactus flower.


The nopal sends a satiety signal very quickly, see immediate to limit the cravings for nibbles, by reducing the fail, it helps to fight overweight.

The slimming virtues of nopal are due to the enhanced effect of satiety. Nopal fruit is mainly composed of mucilage, which is gelatin-like plant substances that swell on contact with liquid. This mucilage has satietogenic effects which give it this slimming virtue which, by swelling in the stomach, acts as a natural appetite suppressant.


Rich in fiber, nopal helps to capture and eliminate certain sugars and fats in the stomach. Its fibers are capable of capturing 11 to 20 times their weight in fat.

If we add to this that it is also a "complete food" which contains mainly fibers, 17 amino acids including 8 essential vitamins and minerals, we will understand the importance of NOPAL in a coherent Slimming Program.


Used in Mexico for centuries, nopal is beneficial for the digestive system, it facilitates intestinal transit thanks to its high fiber content (thanks to its high pectin and mucilage content) and relieves gastrointestinal pain .


Nopal is a natural hypoglycemic agent that can lower blood sugar.

Plant-based food supplement

Presentation : Bottle of 120 capsules of 375 mg

Nutritional information for 6 capsule s :
· Nopal (Opuntia ficus indica ) : 1.800 mg

Ingredient :
Nopal powder (Opuntia ficus-indica), capsule shell : gelatin.

Directions for use : 4 to 6 capsules per day. Hang the capsules before the main meals, with a large glass of water. To be associated with the " chitosan " and / or the Digestion Complex or nopal & chitoan .

Made in France
Nopal : origin Morocco

Used for : Slimming program , appetite suppressant effect, digestion, blood circulation, absorb fat, limit sugars, intestinal transit.

Precautions for use :
- Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
- Food supplement, cannot replace a varied and balanced diet.
- To be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle.
- Keep out out of reach of children.
- Store away from heat and humidity.