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Nopal 500mg

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Nopal 42 capsules 500mg for 7 days

The nopal is a plant that moderates the appetite, it leads to satiety, aid intestinal transit, beneficial in diabetes, obesity, capture and eliminates fat and appetite suppressant.

The nopal the moderator of appetite with a quick and slimming satiety. The nopal in 42 capsules for 7 days is a convenient size to put in a bag, in a jacket pocket so wherever you are you will have on you and will keep your system quietly. It provides almost instant satiety, which greatly limits any form of snacking, this appetite suppressant is a valuable ally to combat overweight.

Common name : prickly pear cactus, nopal, cactus flower.
Botanical name : Opuntia ficus indica, Cactaceae family.

Nopal appetite moderator.

The nopal is a plant that reduces appetite, satiety is due to its property. The nopal is a cactus that contains a wealth of mucilage, which has satiating effects that give its ability slimming and acts as a natural appetite suppressant.
Nopal traps fats and sugars.
Fins nopal cactus is a fiber source, its action is to capture and eliminate sugars and fat ingested. Its fibers have the ability to retain between eleven and twenty one times their weight in fat.

Furthermore, it is also considered a "complete feed" which primarily includes fibers 17 amino acids including 8 essential, various vitamins and minerals.
This is why the nopal is a plant for a cleverly led Slimming Program.
Nopal helps the intestinal transit.
The nopal is native to Mexico and since ancestral times, it is used for the benefit of the digestive system, improves intestinal transit by its source of fiber (high in pectin and mucilage) and relieves gastrointestinal distress all preventing ulcers.
The nopal is known for its natural hypoglycemic action and beneficial to the reduction of sugar levels in the blood (diabetes).
A valuable asset for people with mild to average obesity.

To help you, the Conua laboratory offers this pill nopal in a reduced format containing 42 capsules for 7 days of diet, more convenient to carry and carry around, discrete form, you will be invaluable in your travels.

Presentation :
Pill box of 42 capsules 500mg for 7 days.

Nutrition information for 6 capsules:
· Nopal (Opuntia ficus indica): 2,376 mg

Ingredient :
· Nopal powder, magnesium stearate, vegetable capsule

Using advice : 6 capsules per day. 2 capsules to be taken fifteen minutes before meals or 3 capsules 15 minutes before a hearty meal with a glass of water.

Used for : weight loss, slimming diet, diet pills, obesity, digestion, blood circulation, absorbing fat and sugar, intestinal transit, reduce blood glucose levels, reduce cholesterol, lower blood triglycerides, gastrointestinal pain, gastric ulcer prevention, benign prostate treatment.

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