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One of the components of the olive leaf is oleuropein which has antioxidants.

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Olive Leaf / Olea europaea folium

Common name : Olive Leaf , extract of leaf of olive tree.
Botanical name : Olea europaea folium, Family Oleaceae (olive family).
Part Used : Leaf.

    • The olive tree is the secular and traditional tree of all the civilizations of the Mediterranean Sea. He is abundantly cultivated on all the Mediterranean circumference, this tree became the symbol of the peace.

    • The Leaf of olive tree contain of the oleuropeine, the oleuropeoside and Flavonoides.

    • The oleuropeine exerts a broad range of actions antioxidizing, antibacterian and antiviral. The oleuropeine is an antioxydant as powerful as the vitamin E and inhibits in a significant way the oxidation.

    • The oleuropeoside acted on the effects of arterial hypertension like the cephalgias, dizzinesses, buzzes of ears, associated with properties diuretic, Hypoglycemic and spasmolytic with a vasodilator and action Antiarrhythmic.

    • The Leaf of olive tree, contains Flavonoides (antioxidizer), these antioxidizers help to neutralize the free radicals, and play an important role in the protection of the arterial wall.

    • Of more the Leaf of olive tree one a preventive action on the arteriosclerosis and the coronary diseases, by these property she to decrease the bad cholesterol ( LDL) by increasing the good ( HDL), what makes it an inestimable complement to the treatment of the not insulino-dependent diabetes.

    • Presentation : 120 capsules of 375 mg.

    • Using advice : 4 to 6 capsules a day during meals with a glass of water. Cure during at least two months, renewed then very regularly.

    • Used for : arterial High blood pressure (Arterial hypertension), arterial circulation, angina pectoris, additional treatment of the not insulino-dependent diabetes, balance or re - balance the cholesterol, the herpes, anti-oxidizing, stimulated the immunizing system, anti-ageing, prevention and the treatment of the infections.

To balance or Re-balance the cholesterol level to be taken in partnership with Omega 3.