omega 3 benefits for skin eyes brain
  • omega 3 benefits for skin eyes brain
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Omega 3 500mg

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Omega 3 fish oil 500 mg 120 capsules EPA 18% and DHA 12% + Vitamin E essential fatty acids omega3

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Omega 3 EPA 18% and DHA 12% + Vitamin E 120 capsules 500 mg.

Another name : salmon oil, sardine oil, fishes oil and seafoods, polyinsatured acids fat, acids fat omega-3, EPA, DHA.

In spite that they have a food rich in fats, studies have shown that Eskimos people have a lower cholesterol content and less cardio vascular accidents compared than those observed in France.

This characteristic observed in Nordic countries is due to their high consumption of wild fishes coming from cold seas, and in particular, sardine.

Sardine oil contents essential polyinsatured fat acids especially the Omega 3 (EPA/DHA).

A regular supplement of natural oil rich in Omega 3 allows a body stability without undesirable effects.

The essential polyinsatured fat acids, rich in Omega 3, play an important function in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and in the regeneration of cerebral cells.

Vitamin E to prevent cardiovascular disease, is also used to relieve menstrual problems, support, strengthen the immune system (particularly in the elderly).

This oil is composed with 2 fat acids : EPA 18% et la DHA 12% 500 mg.Vitamin E 67% (D-alpha tocopherol) 15 mg.

Presentation : 120 capsules of 721 mg.

Using advice : take 2 to 4 capsules, twice a day, with a glass of water.

Advised for : cardiac and cardiovascular disorders, symptoms of arthritis rhumatoïde, depression, To reduce the premenstrual symptoms.

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