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Propolis oral spray

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Propolis oral spray 15 ml.

Take everywhere with you the little Propolis oral spray .

For the throat and bad breath. Efficient and Delicious.

Intended to oral hygiene, welfare of the throat and respiratory tract, the oral spray to propolis is soothing and acts as a disinfectant

Stop with sore throat.

Propolis oral spray 15 ml :

    • The propolis spray contributes to oral hygiene and reduce your sore throat. The virtues of the propolis are indisputable, for the sore throat and as tonic for the smokers, and against pharyngitises.
    • This solution promotes disinfection and protection of the mouth and throat.
    • The spray "gesture freshness" also known as the buccal spray propolis ensures a breath pure and contributes to the welfare of the throat.

    • Very practical has the house spray to the buccal propolis Conua will always find its place in the purse, in a pocket of your clothes, cars...
    • Fast and easy to use, buccal spray to propolis  Conua extracts of propolis native allows you to keep a good breath for oneself and others.
    • Presentation : Bottle of 15 ml with pump spray and protective cap.

    • Nutrition information for 8 spraying (approximately 1.2 ml):
      Extract of propolis : 1,2g

    • Ingredient :
      Ethanol extract liquid propolis titled to 58% V/V
      Content of 11 % of flavonoide.

    • Using advice :
      1 to 2 sprays in the mouth 3 to 4 per day, bring a breath pure and contribute to the welfare of the throat.

    • Use for :
      Oral health, buccale hygiene, reduces your sore throat, mouth disinfectant, sore throat, as tonic for smokers, against pharyngitises, keep a good breath.