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Propolis with Vitamin C 60 tablets of 600 mg.

By its virtues antiseptics, bactericidal, antiviral and anti-infectious, the propolis relieves wintry troubles. She also allows to stimulate the defences of the body.

The beneficial virtues of the Propolis added to those of the vitamin C, are going to help you to reduce the infections of respiratory tracts.

Pure propolis micronised (P.P.M. 18%).

Propolis with Vitamin C :

    • Pure propolis micronised (PPM18) with vitamin C will strengthen your body's natural defenses and allow you to better resist aggression in general and in particular microbial.

Other names : Hive Dross, Propolis Balsam, Propolis Resin, Propolis Wax, Been Glue.

Propolis to prevent and treat infectious diseases :

    • When one is healthy propolis can be taken simply in order to strengthen the immune defense system.
    • When you are in poor health whenever it is necessary and vital to defend itself and combat a phenomenon infectious and inflammatory.
    • The propolis is to be privileged for respiratory tracts (the throat and the nose) where she allows to resolve easily and quickly of numerous disorders usually encountered in the fall and winter as banal and customary anginas.
    • Propolis can be taken in pill and / or Propolis oral spray for pharyngitis, laryngitis, as well as tracheitis.
    • The Propolis reduced the duration of cold symptoms more quickly improving respiratory function and decreases the mechanisms of inflammation.

Vitamin C

    • Vitamin C is essential to prevent diseases, contributes to the maintenance, strengthening of the immune system and optimize health.
      The Vitamin C prevents colds in people subjected to intense exercise.

Other names : Ascorbic Acid, Calcium Ascorbate, Sodium Ascorbate.

    • The Vitamin C is shown against viral and bacterial infections the most diverse.
      The Vitamin C is used in combination with propolis for all febrile illnesses and infections, whether caused by bacteria, viruses (Influenza (flu), diseases of the lungs and bronchi, infectious).
    • Presentation : 60 tablets of 600mg per box.

    • Nutrition information for 4 tablets :
      Propolis PPM18 : 288 mg, Vitamin C 120 mg*
      *Brings you 200 % of the Daily Recommended Consumption ( D.R.C). In vitamin C

    • Ingredients : Agent of compression: Sorbitol; propolis PPM18, Vitamin C; aroma: mint, menthol; anti-agglomerating: Magnesium stearate; sweetener: aspartame.

    • Using advice :
      4 tablets per day for an adult.
      1 to 2 tablets per day for a child from the age of 12.

    • Use for :
      When one is healthy, when you are in poor health, as antiseptics, bactericides, antiviral, anti-infectious, stimulate the body's defenses, strengthen the natural defenses, resist aggression in general, resist aggression microbial respiratory tract (throat and nose), sore mundane, pharyngitis laryngitis, tracheitis, colds, respiratory inflammation.

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Madame, Monsieur; Je ne sais pas si c'est le propolis ou si c'est la vitamine C (ou les deux!) mais je constate que, depuis que je prends à chaque repas votre propolis + vitamine C, j'ai pu traverser tout cet hiver sans rhumes ni bronchites ce qui ne m'était jamais arrivé depuis bien longtemps! Je vous en remercie bien vivement. M. Clerc