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Royal jelly 1g

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Royal jelly fresh packet individual 1g

The royal jelly increases vitality in general. Delay the effects of aging of the skin, hair and nails.

The royal jelly exciting, invigorating, euphorisante allows more efficient physical, sexual and intellectual.

Simple, easy and quick to use a dose of 1g royal jelly...
No box, no spoon, a lighter bag, you have your daily dose of royal jelly in a small packet individually.
Go with when you travel!

The royal jelly increases vitality in general. It is of interest to all ages. The royal jelly is exciting, invigorating and euphorisante.

It causes a feeling of well being. It allows more efficient physical, sexual and intellectual.

It allows for greater resistance to fatigue, it reinforces the ground in the fight against aggression, delaying the effects of ageing, including the skin, hair and nails through the vast amount of vitamin B5 it contains, it improves states of anorexia.
Royal jelly increases resistance to cold, stimulates the appetite, raises a less depression and better resistance to anxiety and frustrations. It promotes the oxygenation of tissues.

Called «bees milk », royal jelly is a food whose composition is exceptional.
It contains many nutrients, vitamins and trace elements whose body needs.

The royal jelly is made from proteins, it is the product of the hive most rich in amino acids, it contains carbohydrates (glucide) , lipids, trace elements, minerals (calcium, iron, potassium), vitamins ( those of Group B are all present), and 66% water.

The virtues of royal jelly are legendary for millennia. It is a completely safe, it has advantages nutritional, and metabolic energy.

Presentation :
bag individual of 1g.

Ingredients :
Pure fresh royal jelly (No artificial additives)

Composition royal jelly :
• Amino acids : 8 amino acids so-called « essential ».
• Vitamins : all the vitamins of group B in high concentrations, particularly vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) and B6 (pyridoxine acid). The royal jelly is the ideal food for the nervous system and longevity.
• Minerals and trace elements: calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus...
• Lipids rich in essential fatty acids

Using advice : : 1g per day. Take the morning of preference.

It can consume royal jelly throughout the year and cycles advantageous to cures (1 to 2 months) are fall and spring.
Keep royal jelly in the refrigerator to preserve all its qualities.

Used for : Better physical, intellectual or sexual, greater resistance to fatigue or physical (and) intellectual, students (exam preparation easy to learn and memorize), strengthen the immune system to resist the aggression in general and microbial in particular, curb the effects of aging skin and dander vitamin B5 (hair and nails), the states of fatigue, overwork, loss of appetite