Serenity complex Food supplement 120 capsules
  • Serenity complex Food supplement 120 capsules
  • Serenity natural food supplement - valerian


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Serenity Complex valerian hawthorn hops passionflower orange blossom 120 capsules of 350 mg in powder 5 plants for restful sleep and relaxation aid relaxation and natural relaxation

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Complex Serenity / Anti stress

By associating the hawthorn, hop, the passiflora, orange blossom, and the valerian, this complex will enable you to find calms and serenity and thus to alleviate you.

Hawthorn :

Common name : Cheese Tree, Mayblossom.
Botanical name : Crataegus oxyacantha, syn. C. laevigata, C. monogyna, Family: N.O. Rosaceae.

    • The Hawthorn, is at the same time a tonic of the heart and antispasmodic effective. Thanks to its calming and sedative properties the Hawthorn would look after the problems of stress, without involving somnolence. It regularized the movements of the heart and decreases the excitability of the nervous system. It reduces the nervousness of the adults and the children and looks after the sleep disorders.

Hop :

Common name : Hop.
Botanical name : Humulus lupulus, Lupuli strobulus, Family Cannabaceae.

    • The hop improves the anxious states and regularizes the mood of the depressed people.

Passiflora :

Common name : Passion flower, grenadille.
Botanical name : Passiflora incarnata, Family Passifloraceae.

    • The passiflora improves and fights the anxiety, the passiflora for a tranquillizing purpose looks after them nervous affections as well as asthma, palpitations, hypertension, and muscular cramps. She calms the raging toothaches and the headaches.

Orange blossom :

Common name : Citrus bigaradia, Orange flower, Seville orange.
Botanical name : Citrus aurantium, Family Rutaceae.

    • The orange blossoms are considered sedative. They are traditionally used to reduce the nervousness of the adults and the children, notably in case of confusions of the sleep.

Valerian :

Common name : Garden Heliotrope, All-Heal, Cut-Heal, English Valerian, Great Wild Valerian, Hardy Heliotrope, Vandal Root.
Botanical name : Valeriana officinalis, Family Valerianaceae.

    • The valerian is an excellent sedative of the states of nervousness and excitation. Effective tranquilisant, the valerian reduces the nervousness and agitation related to the stress. It makes it possible to find the sleep and improves its quality by decreasing the obsession of the concern.

    • Presentation : Box of 120 capsules of 350 mg.

    • Ingredients : Hawthorne 80mg, Hop 80mg, Passion flower 55mg, Orange blossom 38mg, Valerian 22mg.

    • Using advice : 2 to 3 capsules at lunch time and in the evening, to be taken during meals with a glass of water.