organic soy lecithin without GMO
  • organic soy lecithin without GMO
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Soya lecithin (granulated)200gr

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Purified granulated soya lecithin at 97%.

    • Soya lecithin is extracted from soya seed.

    • It is very interesting to consume it to reduce cholesterol in the body and for its high content in linoleic acid.

    • Ingredients : Soya proteins isolate phospholipids complex.

    • THIS PRODUCT IS GMO FREE (guaranteed by traceability).

    • Using advice : A soup spoon once a day before meals. Can also be mixed with food.

    • Advised also for : acne, hepatitis, obesity, growth, fatigue, prevention of the artherosclerose.

    • Also used in bread machine, the recipes (pizza dough, salad, cake) etc....