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Organic Spirulina France
  • Organic Spirulina France
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Organic Spirulina France
Organic Spirulina France Spirulina benefits skin hair Spirulina weight loss dosage


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Spirulina: Spirulina platensis

- Seaweed very rich in proteins (60 to 70%), vitamins including B12, minerals including iron.

- Spirulina is a rich source of antioxidants which help the body protect itself from the consequences of oxidative stress.

Spirulina strengthens

- Strengthens the natural defenses.
- Promotes the resistance of the organism.
- Spirulina helps support the immune system, phycocyanin (one of the phyto-nutrients of spirulina) is a powerful immune stimulant.
- Strengthens vitality.

Spirulina helps

- Helps the body to protect itself against oxidation.
- Maintains energy and tone.
- To be used in case of temporary fatigue.
- Helps to improve tone and vitality.
- Helps with fatigue.
- Helps support the vitality of the body.
- Helps make you feel more energetic.
- Improves vitality and energy.

For weight control.

* - Prevents starch degradation. You eat normally but use less energy. Undegraded starch passes through the intestines and promotes bowel activity.
- Supports increased muscle conditions after training, helps reduce feelings of hunger and the urge to snack on treats, helps maintain blood sugar level.

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Spirulina (spirulina) - 90 capsules

Spirulina is ideal as a complement and accompaniment to slimming programs.
Also spirulina will be of great help to increase endurance, resistance, performance as part of sports preparations (training and / or tests).
And whatever the age, spirulina will be a supplement to your diet to remedy certain deficiencies in vital elements.

Common names : Spirulina platensis, Spirulina maxima, Spirulina pacifica, tecuitlatl, cyanophytoplankton, dihe, microalgae, rainbow algae, blue green algae.
Botanical names : Cyanobacteria or blue-green microalgae. < br />
Parts used : Whole algae.

Spirulina is considered an exceptional "Super Food" in nutrients and for its fabulous richness in quality. It is this richness that gives spirulina its rebalancing, energizing, invigorating and vitalizing properties, with an anti-fatigue effect and a very important anti-deficiency effect. Spirulina is one of the most complete natural foods known to date.

Spirulina during slimming or weight loss diets.

In slimming programs and as an appetite moderator, spirulina will be taken for the duration of the program. It acts at the level of the regulating centers of appetite with an appetite suppressant effect, for a better success of slimming programs.
Spirulina calms the feeling of hunger while avoiding certain daily nutritional deficiencies, and the fatigue that occurs often during slimming programs sometimes very unbalanced.
Spirulina will be taken throughout the food rebalancing, to deal with certain nutritional deficiencies.

Spirulina in sport : a concentrate of energy.

In sport, spirulina has an energizing action thanks to its contribution of iron, vitamin B12, and beta-carotene. It is one of the best ways to obtain amino acid supplements, to supplement the supply of essential amino acids in the diet.
Spirulina also has results in terms of muscle oxygenation, by delaying the production of lactic acid, responsible for fatigue and cramps. Spirulina allows athletes to support a longer physical effort, it gives a very useful surplus of energy to be able to push the effort further by increasing endurance.

Spirulina as a supplement to your diet.

Very often consumed by vegetarians, spirulina has an exceptional content of vitamin B12 (cobalamin), which can complement a diet without meat.
It can be an essential element of our unbalanced diet thanks to its vitamins and mineral substances in the form of macro and trace elements, and especially in amino acids.

Spirulina can be taken during exam preparations to help avoid overwork, in states of physical and intellectual fatigue .
Also in states of tession, nervous states, aging disorders, memory disorders, overweight.

For sport :

Take the spirulina capsules at the set time with water or fruit juice. In case of intense efforts, you can increase the number of extra capsules per day.
You will determine the appropriate amount of spirulina that suits you by experience.
After the competition and / or the effort spirulina allows better evacuation of toxins and faster recovery.


Presentation : Bottle of 90 capsules.

Nutritional information

Composition for 6 capsules :
Spirulina 2100 mg

Ingredients :
- Spirulina powder (Spirulina platensis)
- Capsule shell < strong> vegetable : HPMC.

Directions for use : 3 to 6 capsules per day with a glass of water before or during meals.

Made in France
Non EU origin

Recommended for :

Slimming programs, natural appetite suppressant effect, revitalizes the skin, restore shine to hair and nails, help avoid dietary deficiencies, facilitate concentration in studies, sports performances, sports preparations ( training and / or events), improve resistance and increase endurance in the effort, give energy, relieve the effects of menopause and women's disorders in general, detoxify the body and complement vegan or vegetarian food programs .

Precautions for use :
- Food supplement based on seaweed.
- Consume with a varied and balanced diet associated with a healthy lifestyle.
- Respect the daily doses indicated.
- Keep out of reach of young children.
- Store away from heat, light and direct sunlight. humidity.


Data sheet

Weight control & management
Maintain immunity
Contributes to a normal energy metabolism
Strengthens vitality
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