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Sveneol ® fat burner & slim burners

Efficiency in your overweight and your search for thinness.

Fat burner, reduces fat absorption, Sveneol ® on slimming complex and multiple nature.

The active properties of Sveneol ® fat burner & slim burners containing Svetol ® (slimming green coffee) and Neopuntia ® (nopal) help support very important and will be effective in your ponderable overload your search for thinness.

The Sveneol ® fat burner & slim burners (last and next generation) is a complex and multiple thin combines natural active ingredients of natural origin, and target these actions on various stages of weight problem.

Composed of Citrus aurantium (bitter orange extract) Sveneol ® fat burner you will burn more calories through its active decongestant and thermogenic.

To this we added chromium chloride, which is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates while participating in maintaining sugar levels in the blood.

The intake of vitamin B6 can help you in different phases of your slimming process, vitamin B6 an important role in maintaining mental balance and regulation of sugar levels in avoiding blood glucose peaks.

Clinical studies prove the effectiveness of Svetol ® (slimming green coffee) and Néopuntia ® (nopal).

    • A slimming action through lipophilic fiber that traps fat meal and limit their uptake.
      The Neopuntia ® (nopal) innovative functional ingredient is particularly attractive to reduce fat absorption and regulate lipid parameters, particularly cholesterol (good cholesterol).
      The Neopuntia ® (nopal) is unique in limiting absorption of calories of the meal.. Lipids trapped in this "complex" are not assimilated by the body and are eliminated naturally : Neopuntia ® (nopal)
    • A faculty to reduce the passage of sugarsin the body avoiding reserve fat.
      The Svetol ® (slimming green coffee) is an decaffeinated green coffee can act on both your weight and enhance your body. It induces weight loss in those overweight.
      The results show that regular intake of Svetol ® (slimming green coffee) consistently decreases the level of sugar circulating in the blood after a meal. The Svetol ® (slimming green coffee) also promotes significant ecrease BMI (body mass index) in fostering destocking lipid (fat) reserve : The Svetol ® (slimming green coffee)
    • The Citrus aurantium a property decongestant.
      The Citrus aurantium active thermogenesis and basal metabolism (gives energy to burn calories while maintaining constant body), also decreases the citrus aurantium orange peel effect.
      The Citrus promotes weight loss, while limiting the risk of losing muscleand a stimulant to the nervous system.
    • The chromium chloride regulates metabolism of blood sugars in avoiding blood sugar spikes and limiting fat gain.
      The chromium chloride associated with vitamin B6, balanced regulation of sugar metabolism, peak blood glucose and limit intake of fat. Also chromium chloride and vitamin B6 will balance, outweigh the hormonal changes in women and you aideras to avoid irritability, fatigue or loss of energy (depression).

    • Presentation : Box of 60 capsules of 600 mg.

    • Nutritional information

      Composition for 6 capsules Sveneol ® :

      · NeOpuntia ® - leaf powder nopal (Opuntia ficus indica) : 2.000 mg
      · Svetol ® - green coffee extract (Coffea canephora robusta) : 400 mg
      · Extract of bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) : 600 mg
      · Chromium : 25 µg  - (100 % DRC*)
      · Vitamin B6 : 2 mg - (100 % DRC*)
      · Magnesium stearate : anti-caking
      · Glazing agent capsule) : Gelatin (including 2% dye E171)
      *Daily Recommended Consumption

    • Using advice : 6 capsules per day taken with meals (morning and / or afternoon with a glass of water).

    • Used to :Effective slimming, weight, enhance your body, eases your body, beauty and effect redrawn contours smooth, fat burner, increases significantly compared FFM / fat mass, attract and retain fat, reduce the absorption of fat ingested in the stomach, regulate lipid parameters, regulate cholesterol, lose weight in a harmonious way, and find burn fat, and respect your physiological balance.

Vraiment contente Sveneol Svetol NeOpuntia
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Le Svetol et Neopuntia combiné sont bien plus efficace, J'avais essayez d'autre complément mais la je suis tres surprise de voir que je perds régulièrement du poids et de plus pas de prise de graisse moins de cholestérol... Enfin vraiment contente. J’en suis a mon 5 mois et je continue merci pour ce produit tres contente