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Taurine 120 VEGETABLE CAPSULES of 500 mg (1000mg / day) Essential amino acids Energy booster for the muscles, the cardiovascular systems, heart FRENCH MADE - BOTTLE FOR 2 MONTHS

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Taurine: Powerful antioxidant for the body and eyes.

Energy for the whole organism
120 capsules of 595 mg

Taurine acts on - Taurine Eye - Taurine beneficial for muscle
Taurine regulates nerve blood flow disorder - Taurine anxiolytic

Taurine is the most concentrated amino acid in the retina: it is essential to good eye health.

Taurine (2-aminoethanesulfonic acid), containing sulfonate acid (amino acid) is an organic acid. It is a major constituent of bile and is found in the gut in small amounts in tissues of many animals, including humans

Methionine (is a-amino acid), which is in our body is responsible for the synthesis of taurine and is mainly present in the myocardium, retina and brain.
Taurine acts on all body functions, muscle and bone in your body it will boost your energy.

Taurine acts on :

    • - Fatigue,

      - The visual system,

      - Cramps and pains,

      - Improved muscle density,

      - Detoxify your body during sporting efforts,

      - Improved synthesis proteins,

      - Regulates Food Intake,

      - Prevents blood pressure,

      - Regulating memoryl,

      - Regulation of sleep,

      - Prevents cholesterol,

      - Promotes cellular hydration,

      - Stabilizes the membrane structure,

      - Prevention of seizures.


Taurine :

Common names : Taurine. Botanical name : from the Latin Taurus (bull). Empirical formula : C2H7NO3S

Taurine Eye :

  • Taurine is an amino acid important antioxidant for tissue regeneration tired of the visual system. Taurine is the most concentrated amino acid in the retina, it is essential to good eye health.
  • Taurine was associated with lutein and zeaxanthin serat assistance essential for the proper functioning of the eyes, because a lack of these three substances induced vision problems (cataract, visual impairment, degeneration due to age).


Taurine beneficial for muscle :

  • Athletes take taurine :
    - Before a competition, to sleep well,
    - During the effort to reduce the production of ammonia,
    - To limit cramps and aches,
    - To allow for increased storage of glucose.
  • Taurine is essential for a functioning seamless, coherent skeletal muscle, studies conducted in 2004 shows an increase of 80% of the capacity of muscular exercises carried out and cardiac function remained within normal.
  • It was shown that during extreme physical exertion, the body was not producing the necessary amounts of taurine, which has the purpose and effect of creating a deficiency. Taking dietary supplements of taurine has been shown to prevent oxidative stress induced by exercise.


Taurine regulates nerve blood flow disorder :

  • Studies have shown that the intake of taurine in nutritional supplement could rectify the defects of the nerve blood flow, and the motor nerve conduction velocity which is greater coordination between thought and action


Taurine anxiolytic :

  • Studies have demonstrated the efficacy of taurine supplementation for people with epilepsy or uncontrollable facial tic, since it produces an anxiolytic effect and may act as a modulator or an anti-anxiety in the central nervous system.


Taurine (amino acid) was found and isolated in ox bile in 1827 by two Austrian scientists. Then it was synthesized, its molecular weight is 125.1 * g / mol (chemical measurement that allows a smooth transition from quantities of material mass (gram) quantities of material in terms of number of molecule (mole)).

* The molar mass is the mass of one mole** of a substance (a simple body, a chemical compound). It is expressed in grams per mole (g•mol-1 or g/mol).
** The mole is the amount of substance of a system which contains as many elementary entities as there are atoms in 12 grams of carbon 12, and its symbol is mol

  • Presentation :

    120 capsules of 595 mg.

    Nutritional Information

    Composition for 2 capsules :

    - Taurine Powder 1000 mg

    Ingredients :
    Taurine, glazing agent : gelatin

    Using advice : 2 capsules per day taken with meals (morning and / or lunch with a glass of water).

    For an intake of 2 capsules per day : 60 day pill

    Used to : To combat fatigue, detoxify the body during sporting efforts, convulsions, anxiety, anti aging, anti oxidant, aid for slimming (fighting against the emotionally unbalanced eating habits or compulsive), preventing cataracts and other vision problems, including AMD, increased breathing capacity, relief of hypoglycemia, heart problems, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, prevention of seizures, prevents the blood pressure, stabilizes the membrane structure, density muscle, edema, stimulating a sluggish liver, Protection of the brain (including dehydration), improves protein synthesis and promotes cellular hydration, which regulate memory, sleep disorder, qu'anticonvulsif in a state of fatigue prevents cholesterol, prevention of cardiac arrhythmias, better utilization of calcium, potassium, magnesium, beneficial in diabetics, maintains the solubility of cholesterol. In conjunction with magnesium, stimulates the action of serotonin, help in quitting alcohol.

Made in France

Other :
Studies show that taurine despite some controversy shows no side effects and is beneficial to our body.
It is not recommended for children, pregnant women, and liver or kidney.
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