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In 1: Decrease your appetite

Controlling your appetite is an essential element in any slimming program. It is important to maintain a reasonable caloric intake while consuming three balanced meals a day, accompanied by a snack if necessary. CONUA herbal food supplements can help you naturally control your cravings for snacking outside meals, thus contributing to your success in your slimming process.

In 2: Fight against water retention

Water retention can sometimes make you feel like you're gaining weight quickly. To reduce this effect, it is possible to use specific CONUA food supplements. These can help refine your figure by reducing the appearance of unsightly dimpling, reducing bulges and reducing swelling of the face and hands caused by water retention.

In 3: Slim down by reducing fatty areas

Combining a balanced diet with the CONUA slimming range can help you reduce unwanted fatty areas. Thanks to these food supplements, you can work on your figure without losing morale. However, it is important to keep in mind that a holistic approach, which also includes regular physical activity, is recommended for optimal results.

The slimming range

CONUA's range of natural herbal wellness supplements Slimming offers solutions to help you achieve your slimming goals. Whether controlling your appetite, fighting water retention or reducing fatty areas, these supplements can support you on your journey. Do not forget to consult a health professional before undertaking any slimming program, in order to obtain personalized advice adapted to your situation.

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