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Change and lose weight with the CONUA Range of Natural Health Herbal Supplements for Slimming!

Our slimming range is the key to success to help you refine your figure and eliminate extra pounds.

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Decrease your appetite : it is the essential of slimming programs!
The contribution in calories should be reasonable while maintaining 3 real meals a day + 1 snack.
Controlling your snacking cravings outside of these meals is essential and CONUA herbal supplements can help you do this naturally.

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Fight against water retention. You can feel like you've taken a pant size very quickly. Maybe it's just water retention in the tissue.

Yes, you can refine your figure, reduce the appearance of unsightly dimpling, refine the bulges and reduce certain swelling of the face and hands with specific CONUA food supplements.

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Slimming by reducing fatty areas. With a balanced diet associated with the CONUA slimming range, you can lose weight without losing your morale.

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