Ginseng tonic drink
  • Ginseng tonic drink
  • Royal jelly and acerola tonic drink

Tonic drink with ginseng, the royal jelly, and acérola

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Tonic drink with ginseng, royal jelly. Tones, stimulates the immune system. Support, strengthens the body of weakened or convalescent people

Buy Tonic drink with ginseng, the royal jelly, and acérola


Tonic drink with ginseng, the royal jelly, and acérola.

For the sports and intellectual performances
Invigorate, stimulates the immune system to prevent the infectious diseases
Reinforce the organization of the weakened people or convalescents.
Draft the disfonctionnement of erection
In prevention against ageing.


Ginseng, ancient and mysterious "Tonic root". Known in the far east for thousands of years, the ginseng root is surrounded with mysteries and traditional beliefs, due to all its properties.

    • In Chinese graphic signs, ginseng means "like man", besides, it often has his shape.

Royal jelly

Royal jelly is a complex substance secreted by the pharyngeal glands of the young bees.Only queens are exclusively fed on royal jelly, while the others only receive it during the first 3 days of their larval life.The queen weighs about 6 times more than the worker bees, which leads to suspect in the royal jelly, the existence of specific growth factors. Royal jelly also ensures the queen an uncommon vitality as well as a marked resistance to the diseases the workers suffer currently with. While the worker bees have a life expectancy of only forty-five days, the queen lives as an average four to five years.

    • Royal jelly contents : proteins, it is the hive product the richest in amino acids, glucides, lipids, oligo elements, mineral elements (calcium, iron, potassium), vitamins (those of group B are all presented).

    • The royal jelly virtues are legendary for thousands of years.
      It is absolute innocuousness and has a certain number of nutritive, energetic and metabolic advantages.

    • Royal jelly boots the general vitality. It is interesting at all ages of life.
      It is stimulating, tonic, and euphoriant.
      Royal jelly has a great contribution to the human well being.
      Better physical, sexual and intellectual performances can be obtained thanks to royal jelly.
      Royal jelly increases resistance in getting tired, strengthens the base in the struggle against germ attacks, retards the effects of ageing, especially that of the skin and the phaners (hair and nails) thanks to its important content in vitamin B5.
      It also increases resistance to cold, stimulates the appetite, the psychic humour.
      Royal jelly favours oxygenation of tissues.


Little red cherry harvested in south Equator, has an high content in ascorbic acid (vitamin C 100% natural).

    • The natural vitamin C is recognised not only for its stimulus effect and its anti infectious properties, but is also a powerful anti-free radicule and helps the absorption of iron which is necessary for the formation of red corspucles.

    • Properties :
      1 measuring cap (10ml) brings you :
      Ginseng 500 mg, Royal jelly 500 mg
      Acerola 120 mg (50 % of the daily recommended consumption in vitamain c)

    • Ingredients for 250 ml :
      Ginseng extract 2.5 g. Purified water, polyfloral honey 112.5g, Acerola (Vitamine C) 3 g, menthol.

    • Presentation: Bottle of 250 ml.

    • Using advice : 1 to 2 doses (10 ml) a day, has to consume pure or diluted, or before a physical effort.

    • Used for : erectile dysfunction , to stimulate the immunizing system, physical performance, intellectual concentration, sexual dysfunction, immunizing stimulant, general tonic, sportsman and in all the sports.