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  • tribulus terrestris dosage advice
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Tribulus terrestris

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Tribulus Terrestris extract 10: 1 High Titration 40% in saponins (saponin) Booster of your sexuality 800 mg / 2 VEGETABLE capsules per day in powder For MEN and WOMEN BOTTLE FOR 2 MONTHS.

Tribulus for human physical condition, endurance, muscle power. The tribulus maintains sexual capacities and promotes the production of testosterone.

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Tribulus terrestris 120 capsules 563 mg

Titrated to 40% min. saponins. Guaranteed without beta carboline

The Tribulus terrestris improves athletic performance and sexual.

Tribulus increases :

  • testosterone levels,
  • energy and muscle endurance,
  • muscle mass,
  • recovery after exercise,
  • stimulates libido,
  • improves male fertility,
  • stimulates the fertility of women,
  • relieves the symptoms associated with menopause.
Common name : Land Caltrops, Puncture Vine, Gokhru.
Botanical name : Tribulus terrestris, family zygophllaceae.
Chinese name : Bai Ji Li.

Sports performance.

    • The Tribulus increases muscle hypertrophy and increased strength. Increases testosterone levels allows better protein synthesis and a faster recovery after muscular effort.

Increase libido female and male.

    • The Tribulus terrestris works by relaxing the smooth muscles and increasing blood flow in the body. Tribulus Terrestris improves the fertility and treats sexual dysfunction for both men and women.
    • In women the Tribulus terrestris increases the concentration of estradiol for a reactivation of ovarian function, improved libido and a reduction in symptoms of menopause.
        • In humans the Tribulus increases natural production of testosterone, it boosts libido, improves sexual activity. Finally, the positive influence of this plant on the quality and duration of erections on spermatogenesis and ovulation has been measured.

        • Presentation : Box of 120 capsules of 563 mg.

        • Nutritional information

          Composition for 2 capsules :

          - Tribulus terrestris extract 10:1  titrated to 40% min. saponins 800 mg

          - Exc: Magnesium Stearate

      • - Vegetable Capsule HPMC

    • Advice for use : 3 capsules per day taken with food (morning and / or midday with a glass of water).

    • Used to :

      - Increased testosterone in men,
      - Enhanced protein synthesis,
      - Increases stamina and strength,
      - Improved recovery from exercise,
      - Improved recovery from exercise,
      - Boosted libido,
      - Improved fertility in men,
      - Stimulated the fertility of the woman, relieved the symptoms associated with menopause,
      - Fatigue, impotence, menopause, frigidity, urinary disorders, diarrhea.

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