valeriane benefit organic stress gel
  • valeriane benefit organic stress gel
  • valerian reviews benefits
valeriane benefit organic stress gel
valeriane benefit organic stress gel valerian reviews benefits


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Valerian root valerian root 120 capsules powder tranquilizer nervousness natural sleeping pill relaxants French manufacturing Conua since 2003

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Valerian - 120 capsules

Traditionally used for : sleep disorders, anxiety, nervous tiredness, tiredness due to work (overwork), nervousness, tension, calming (intern), anxiety, menstrual pains, cramps, relieving, stress, nicotinic detoxication.

Common name : Garden Heliotrope, All-Heal, Cut-Heal, English Valerian, Great Wild Valerian, Hardy Heliotrope, Vandal Root, and more recently, vegetable valium or natural valium..
Botanical name : Valeriana officinalis, Family Valerianaceae.

Parts used : Root, rhizome.

    • The valerian is an an excellent sedative of the states of nervousness and excitation. Tranquillizing, the valerian reduces the nervousness and agitation related to the stress. The root of valerian makes it possible to find the sleep ( natural sleeping pill by excéllence ) and its quality improves. ( one of best tranquillizing phytotherapy. Vegetable valium or natural valium.)
    • The valerian is also used successfully in the cures of nicotinic detoxication ;
      of an invaluable help for the smokers wishing to stop the tobacco, it calms the anxiety, the anguishes and the nervousness which accompany weaning with nicotine. Moreover it gives a bad taste to the tobacco.

      She enters numerous programs phytotherapic to stop smoking.
    • The presence of anticonvulsives substances in the valerian, explains its traditional usage to look after the epilepsy ;
      added to the traditional treatment, it improves the daily newspaper of the epileptics while contributing to prevent the crises (She is anticonvulsivant and antiepileptic).
    • The valerian contains very numerous compounds. She is rich in essential oil, in valérianique acid and the other principles such as valepotriates ( isovaltrate and valtrate ). The combined action of these compounds produces sedative and relaxing effects without that there is habituation.
    • Presentation : box of 120 capsules of 290 mg.

    • Nutritional information

      Composition for 6 capsules :

      · Valerian root 1290 mg

    • Using advice : 4 in 6 capsules a day with a glass of water.

    • Advised for : Insomnia, nicotinic detoxication, distress in complement of the traditional treatment in the epileptic, sleep disorder, concern, nervous tiredness, tiredness due to work, overwork, nervousness, tension, depression, depress, calming (intern), anxiety, pains menstrual, cramps, relieving, stress, to stop the tobacco, to support digestion, to calm the spasms, gastro-intestinal pains.

    • Precaution : To avoid driving a vehicle or manipulating dangerous tools in the hours which follow the grip of valerian, because of its sedative effect.

      Reserved for the adult and has the child from 12 years.