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Yunnan tea with ginseng

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Yunnan Tuocha Vitalizing Ginseng Chinese Tea

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Yunnan tea with ginseng

Dynamism, vitality and / or thinness.

A sumptuous mixture of tea of Yunnan and ginseng.
The capacities of the ginseng, associated those of the tea Yunnan Conua make it possible to increase the physical and intellectual performances. They are also an invaluable ally within the framework of a mode thinness.

Yunnan tea Couna

The tea of Yunnan known in China for 25 centuries, is a black tea stemming from a special fermentation.

It is prepared according to an ancestral know-how by generations of experts for his single flavour and its innumerable medicinal virtues.
The tea of Yunnan Conua is a true "hunting - grease" against cholesterol, a beneficial eat-roundness to find the hoped silhouette.

The action of this tea Yunnan Conua will help you has to fight against cholesterol, to lower the blood pressure, to slow down the atherosclerose (hardening of the arteries), to strengthen the walls of the capillaries, to reduce the diabetes.

Digestive, it removes tiredness and somnolence after the meals and improves the intestinal transit time by regularizing it (constipation or diarrhoea).

The tea Yunnan Conua is provided with soothing virtues and anti-stress.

Le Ginseng

Marvellous plant coming from Asia, ginseng is cultivated in China for thousands of years.Ginseng is known to bring eternal youth when consumed.

These ginsenosides have a tonic action on the body : they increase physical and intellectual performances. Memorisation and reflex are better. Body can easily be adapted to the efforts because tiredness and muscular pains are reduced. Ginseng improves sexual vigour.

Ginsenosides, amino-acids, vitamins and oligo-elements give to ginseng adaptogen effects. Thanks to its anti-stress effects, ginseng allows a better resistance to important changes of temperature or activity.

A way very natural to find its vitality and its line.

Ingredients : Yunnan tea 95 %

Root of Ginseng cuts infusette 5 %.

1 - To Scald the teapot
2 - Put a small spoon of tea by person
3 - To Pour on the tea the quivering water
4 - To let infuse 5 minutes
5 - To Serve after having stirred up well

You will obtain a dark red, beneficial and delicious tea.

This very good black tea can be consumed regularly as a replacement usual drinks.

Presentation : Pot of 100gr.
Equivalent of 50 bags of 2g