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Nopal 500mg
Nopal 500mg
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Nopal - 120 capsules of 375 mg

The nopal a satiety effect, facilitates intestinal transit, diabetes, obesity, a sensor of fat and an appetite suppressant.

The nopal a satiety quick and slimming.

    • The nopal provides a satiety effect very quickly, or even immediate thus limiting snacks, cutting hunger and helps fight overweight.

Common name : nopal, Barbary fig.
Botanical name : Oputuntia streptacantha species, Family : Cactaceae.
English Name : prickly pear cactus, nopal, cactus flower.

The nopal slimming.

    • The virtues of slimming nopal are due to the effect of satiety. The plant nopal stems from the mucilage this same mucilage, which has an appetite suppressant effects that give this virtue slimming and acts as a natural cut-hunger.

The nopal a sensor fat.

    • Rich in fiber, the nopal assistance in capturing and eliminating sugars and fats in the stomach. Its fibers are capable of restraining between eleven and twenty-one times their weight in fat.

      If we add to this that it is also a "complete feed" that contains mostly fiber, 17 amino acids with 8 essential vitamins and minerals, you will understand the importance of NOPAL in a program conducted intelligently Slimming
      The nopal facilitates intestinal transit.
        • Used in Mexico for centuries, the nopal is beneficial to the digestive system, it facilitates intestinal transit through its rich fibre content (thanks to its high content of pectin and mucilage) and relieves pain, gastrointestinal and prevents ulcers.

          The nopal is a natural hypoglycemic and have reduced the rate of blood sugar (diabetes). In addition it will be of invaluable assistance in cases of obesity until lightly average.

        • Presentation :
          120 capsules of 375 mg

        • Nutrition information for 6 capsules :
          · Nopal (Oputuntia streptacantha species) : 1.800 mg

        • Ingredients :
          Powder Nopal, Glazing Agent: gelatin.

        • Using advice : 4 to 6 capsules a day. To take with meals, with a glass of water.
        • To associate with "chitosan" and / or le complex Digestion

        • Used for : slimming regime, an appetite suppressant, obesity, digestion, circulation, absorb fats, sugars absorb, intestinal transit, reduce blood sugar, lower cholesterol, lower blood triglycerides, gastrointestinal pain - intestinal, preventing gastric ulcers, treat benign prostatic hypertrophy.

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