Conua™ Plants and natural products - Think of youComplex vision lutein and zeaxanthin.For the health of the eyes.Vision lutein and zeaxanthin is to recommend to help you to fight the visual fatigue and to reinforce the mechanical system of the vision.age-related macular degeneration AMD......
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Vision Lutein and zeaxanthin

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Vision lutein and zeaxanthin - 120 capsules

For the health of the eyes.

Vision complex : Complete formula of 10 active and natural nutriments, enriched in lutein and zeaxanthin.

Vision lutein and zeaxanthin is a new complex complete for the vision and the view, elaborate by the Conua laboratories.

Vision lutein and zeaxanthin is to recommend to help you to fight the visual fatigue and to reinforce the mechanical system of the vision.

The eye is one of the organs the more expositions to air and to the ultraviolets.

The vision complex lutein and zeaxanthin is composed of :

    • Lutein and zeaxanthin : They are two pigments of the family of carotenoids, who are in very strong concentration in the central part of the retina of the eye, and exactly in the macular a yellow spot.

      The lutein and the zeaxanthin have a strong anti-oxidizing property and, besides, they filter the blue light, neutralize the free radicals generated by the solar rays. Two actions who participates, to prevent the degeneracy of the retina (or to designate like age-related macular degeneration (AMD)).

      These carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin) is not synthesized by the man's organism, and must be brought therefore by the food and / or a food complement.
    • Bilberry: Recognized for these capacities improved the vision, thanks to his therapeutic properties that are due to the bioflavonoid and anthocyanidin that belong to the family of the carotenoids.

      The blueberry participates in the regeneration of a substance named " rhodopsin " or purple retinal who has the effect of increasing the global visual acuteness, to defend, protect tissues from it of the eye has the aggression, the exposure in the light and to improve more particularly the night-vision.
    • Red grapevine : Her to attenuate the ocular stress caused by the dazzle, slow down the process of deterioration of the vision, and improve the vascularisation of the retina. These are the oligo-proanthocyanidin (OPC) contained in the extracts of seeds of grape of the red grapevine, who to protect against the ocular blinding, one of the symptoms of the dry shape of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).
    • Beta-carotene (provitamin A) : Beta-carotene allows the human body to produce of the vitamin A,an anti-oxidant that protects while neutralizing the free radicals. This vitamin A, very important, is consumed by the nervous impulse transported by the optic nerve.

      These this same vitamin A, that has was produced by transformation, who is going to act to the level of the retina to reinforce the visual acuteness and to improve the perception of the colors. One of the symptoms of the deficiency in vitamin A and the decrease of the nocturnal vision or hemeralopie.

    • Blackcurrant : He constitutes a source of vitamin C, of polyphenols, and in particular of anthocyane (delphinidins and cyanidins) known for their effects on the vision and the visual fatigue.

      Blackcurrant defends, and protect the cloths of the eye to the aggression, the exposure in the light (as the one of the screens of television or computer!). Blackcurrant decreases the visual fatigue, improve the peripheral blood microcirculation of the eye and also the nocturnal vision.

    • Acerola : The acerola is the fruit richest in vitamin C, and the vitamin C is essential for protected the retina and important for the blood circulation of the eyes.

      The vitamin C is in strong concentration in the crystalline. Her protected this one of the opacification at the origin of the cataract. The vitamin C reduces the intra-ocular pressure in a meaningful manner, and treats the glaucoma with opened angle.

      The acerola is also very rich in vitamin A as well as in it bioflavonoids and in minerals such as the iron, the calcium and especially the magnesium.

    • Magnesium :He decreases the ophtalmological confusions, as the retinopathie diabetic, or the chronic glaucoma without intra-ocular pressure, slow down the process of degradation of the vision, and improves the vascularization of the retina.

    • Zinc : Zinc permits to decrease the loss of vision among subjects affected by AMD. He helps to warn and to slow down the apparition of the degeneration maculaire bound to the ageing.

    • Selenium yeast : The selenium yeast represents the best source of food selenium.

      The selenium is an anti-oxidizing oligo-element (as the Vitamin E), in the form of selenium yeast, he is good for eyes. It is the properties antioxydantes that him protected of the age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

      The selenium also intervenes in the process of the vision while increasing the sensitivity to light.

    • Presentation : Box of 120 capsules of 359.3 mg.

      Composition for 3 capsule :

      . Black currant 720 mg EPS *
      . Red grape vine 90 mg Zinc 13.5 mg 135.00% AR *
      . Bilberry extract 60 mg
      . Acérola extract 60 mg including vitamin C 15 mg 18.70% AR *
      · Dunaliella extract 36 mg including beta carotene 3,6 mg or vitamin A 600 µg 75,0% AR *
      . Tagete extract 9 mg, including Lutein 1,8 mg
      · Souced extract 30 mg including zeaxanthin 3 mg
      · Selenium 75 µg 136,30% AR *
      . AR = reference intake / EPS = equivalent dry plant
      (natural origin, and / or from organic farming, flowers plants and vegetables ...)

    • Using advice : 3 capsules a day, with a large glass of water.

      To associate with the " Taurine "

    • Advised for : age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the visual, reinforced fatigue the mechanical system of the vision, filtered the blue light, neutralized the free radicals generated by the solar rays, regenerated the " rhodopsine " or purple retinal, protected the cloths of the eye have the aggression and the exposure in the light, improve the night-vision, attenuate the ocular stress, slowed down the deterioration of the vision, improved the vascularisation of the retina, improve the perception of the colors, the blood circulation of the eyes, decreased the diabetic retinopathie.

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