tendonitis shark cartilage
  • tendonitis shark cartilage
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Shark cartilage

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Shark cartilage is a dietary supplement that helps improve comfort, flexibility and joint mobility

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Other names : cartilage marin, squalamine.

Allows to find an well being articular, to rebuild the cartilage and reminéraliser your articulations.

    • Primarily rich in calcium (more than 8%), phosphorus (more than 4%), mucopolysaccharides (lubricating natural of the articulations), collagen and acids amino, the shark cartilage also brings sulphate of glucosamine and of chondroïtin (chondroïtine), acts as anti inflammatory, and of more restricted strongly the suffering in the event of osteoarthritis and of rheumatic arthritis.

    • Presentation : 120 capsules of 325 mg.

    • Using advice : 2 capsules in the morning, 2 at lunch time and 2 in the evening.

    • Used for: articular pains (Articulation-Pain-Flexibility-Remineralization), arthritis and arthritis rhumatoïde, osteoarthritis, psoriasis. Also used by the sportsmen.